What Is Your Warrior Cats Name? (2)

What Is Your Warrior Cats Name? (2)

Does not actually use real warrior cat names like in the books. Do not get affended

published on February 13, 201717 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

Next you run into a series of streets that all lead to a different destiny you take.......

The wide sunny flower patched lane hoping nothing bad will happen
The dark smelley lane where the alley cats live so you can help them live a better life
The twisted looking abstract lane wich turns rainbow when you look at it

Next you find yourself at a cabin that smells like fresh baked pie that smells like

candy that was from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
lobster baked in potato

You walk into a dark cave searching for your long lost friend Shadowstar. You hear her scream but you can not make out what direction she is in so you....

You put your game face on and hope you're running in the right direction.
You back out and hope that you can find a family less tramatic.
You listen for a bit longer and ask her to scream again but you can not hear her so you proceed with caution into the cave.

You finally find out what way she is and you sprint towards her you find her skinned down to the bone and dead. What do you do?

you sit down next to her and pay your last respects and then go and find out who killed her
You take her body and drag it out of the cave to put her in a better spot to show her that you have allways loved her before finding the murderer and killing him.
You can not stand to look at her because it would cause you to much pain so you just leave never to return

Next you are in a dark room what do you do???

you look for a flashlight or something bright.
you sit and wait afraid to move
you bust down the door and run