Can You Survive My Mind?

Can You Survive My Mind?

^In The Title.^ This just for those people who want to know if they can survive my crazy and awesome mind.

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Hello guys! What I'm going to do is simple for me and maybe you. I'll be giving you random scenarios that pop into my head. You ready?


You're in the house alone at midnight when the phone rings. You answer the phone and all you hear is a raspy breath. What do you do?

You hang up the phone and keep doing what you were doing before.
I quickly hang up the phone and call the police.
You call hello into the phone a couple times before hanging up and calling for help.

You decide to stay at home and ignore the calls and the door. About an hour later, the door bell rings but you ignore it. It rings a couple more times and stops. After a 10 minutes you start feeling cold. You go around the house to close the windows and see the front door wide open with the lock broken. What do you do?

You scream "Rainbows! Unicorns! Lollipops!" and run out of the house.
You quietly go outside and to your neighbor's house where you call the police and your parents.
Go around the house with a metal bat and look for the intruder.

You decide to go outside quietly. On your way to your friends house, you bang your head into a metal pole. You feel dizzy and faint. When you wake up, you're on the beach. In the ocean there are three mermaids. They start singing a song which gets you mesmerized. After they finish, you are left in a trance. The middle mermaid tells you that they have a quest for you. What do you do?

Get out of the trance and say "Sure!"
Get out of the trance, "No!" and run away.
Stay in the trance and do nothing.

The quest is to get a special pearl from the bottom of the ocean. Each mermaid tells you to go different ways to get it.Who do you listen to?

The left mermaid.
The mermaid on the right.
The middle mermaid.

You get the pearl and in return the mermaids give you the power to teleport anywhere. You nod in understanding and the mermaids start to pull you under the water and you lose consciousness. When you wake up, you are in front of the pole you banged into soaking wet with a note in your hand saying to not let anyone know about the power. You decide to test your power. Where do you teleport to?

Back home.
To London. You've always wanted to go there.
To your friend's house so that you can call the police and your parents about earlier.

That's all I have for you! smiley

I'll miss you!cheekyBye!
See you later!