how much big dick energy do you emit?

self explanatory. you need to find out the energy emiting from your genital area

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You walk into a coffee shop and you see a girl sitting alone crying. What do you do?

Walk out of the coffee shop
Go over and ask if she's okay
I would but she probably doesn't want to be bothered.
Report her to the manager. She's probably harming business for this profitable establishment
Hit on her
Buy her a coffee and have the waiter deliver it to her secretly with a note that says "hope you feel better
soon baby. signed, your secret lover, big chungus"
Walk over to talk to her but then as you approach her turn back because you can't do this.

What's your favorite social media app?

Wikipedia Forums

Which of the games below is the best?

League of Legends
World of WarCraft
NBA 2K/Madden
Elder Scrolls

What is your favorite beverage?


You have a step sibling and they call for help. It turns out they have a shirt that has a zipper on it and is stuck in the dryer. What do you do?

Call mum
Help them as much as possible without touching
Giver her scissors to cut herself out. She's a big girl
Cut her shirt off like a big boy.
Cut her shirt off and feel a little *blushes* awkward
yeah y'already know what's going down ;)))
cut off her clothes and send her on her way. resistance is for winners.

How do you feel about people who are traps?

Men are men and women are women. The devolution of this is why our society has gone to hell.
Should be banned.
Makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
No strong opinion, tbh
People can do what they want
I encourage traps' presence in the world.
Genders aren't real so it doesn't matter how people wanna dress

What is your opinion on anime?

For weebs only. Should be banned
F-Tier Garbage
I've never seen it.
It's alright
Yeah I watch it for the girls mainly
Anime is freakin awesome dude
the plot, the characters, the lore. the best entertainment out there

What's your favorite type of YouTube video to watch?

prank videos
makeup videos
commentary youtubers
among us livestreams
minecraft let's plays
youtube poop

Where would you like to live ideally?

A massive mansion with servants
Hollywood Hills
A big house in the suburbs
A nice house with a yard
A house in the mountains
It doesn't matter as long as I'm with you ;)
It doesn't really matter to me as long as everyone has a home at least

If you were waiting in a line at the grocery store and the worker was taking a long time at the check out line what would you do?

Complain to the manager about the worker's incompetence.
Make a remark to the worker about how slow it's going.
Laugh at the worker with your homies
Say nothing
Switch to another line surreptitiously
Ask the worker if they need any help
Jump in and move people to other lines, directing traffic away from the stressed worker.