What Warriorcats villain are you?

What Warriorcats villain are you?

The title is self explanatory. This quiz may contain spoilers(duh) to any series, basically. So if you haven't read atleast one book from each series I suggest you don't take this quiz. (PS. Ashfur doesn't count he went to Starclan)

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Your clan is being attacked by another clan! What do you do?

I do what I can for my clan
I'm the one attacking
Not in a clan
I'm just staying in a clan, I'm really a rogue. I do nothing.
Those fox-hearted mouse-brains can be slaughtered for all I care.
I switch sides
Kill them all
I'm still loyal! I fight!
I fight to gain my clans trust, betray them later.
Depends on the clan attacking

Why are you evil?

I was abused as a kit, I want revenge on those who betrayed me.
My mentor was a skilled warrior, unlike the rest who are afraid to kill.
Everyone blamed me for crimes I did not commit. So I got my revenge...
I follow my kin
I was rejected by my clans and my father, I will get revenge
I am not afraid to kill, it makes me stronger...
My freind was evil, and I feel like it's more fun then being on the good side.
I want power and control!
I want to destroy the clans.
I trained in the dark forest to gain revenge on my father and half-siblings.

You are confronted by a rogue who threatens you to kill you, what do you do?

Laugh and kill him/her on the spot.
Threaten them back, if they don't listen, kill them.
Wow this rogue is stupid.
Question them, then chase them off.
Ask them to join you.
Chase them off.
Call on my friends to fight together.
No rogue has the guts to threaten me!
Laugh and then walk away.
Chase them off after a fight.

Do you have a mate

A mate will only make me soft
About 3
He was from another clan, and he betrayed me....
This apprentice I’m training is cute...
Yes 2
I’m gay
Nobody likes me

Oh look Firestar!

Don’t really care
Why is the Gary Stu here?
Never knew him
*unsheathes claws*
Oh tigerstaaaaaaar!!
Not again!
PraIse tHe EcLIpSe
Why is he on Windclan territory?!!!

Who do you hope to get?


What is the most evil thing you did?

Killed many, lived on the suffering of others. Then tried to take over the clans.
We’re Bloodclan.
And we have won.
I led a pack of dogs into Thunderclan territory, and killed many
I took revenge on my former clan. Killed the cat she who betrayed me. Punished their
descendants. Trained cats in the dark forest
Trained with evil father in the dark forest, tried To kill Firestar, then helped Mapleshade
train kit so in the dark forest
I took over skyclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan. Held prisoners, made my cats eat
scarsely, killed many
Trained in the darkness forest, took advantage of an apprentice
Worked with my evil friend(my or may not ha don’t a crush on him) fed a kit
Forced kits to fight to their deaths, killed the previous leader, killed many
Took control of skyclan and then Shadowclan convinced them not to believe in starclan
Trained in the dark forest, attacked Jayfeather at the moonpool

What do you think of my oc?
Clawstar Of Riverclan
She Cat

What do you think of my oc?
Clawstar Of Riverclan
She Cat
She’s ok
she would make a powerful ally
She’s leads my clan?!!!
She could’ve joined my rogues instead of riverclan
Looks kinda Mary sue
Just another enemy
Why u asking this?


K by
I think I might like tigerstar
PrAiSe ThE EcLipSe