What do people like about you?

What do people like about you?

What makes you so lovable? What's good about you? Take this quiz to find out!

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Someone walks up to you, then insults you? Which one of these would you do?

Ignore them for the time being.
Just hold it in and pretend nothing happened.
Pft, Rude.
I guess I understand what it's like to be a grumpy and rude brat...

You see a homeless person, which one of these would you do?

Dig into your pockets, bag, purse, etc, and give them what you can!
Hold in the pain, and think of another way to help them.
Rush to your workplace (or house), earn (or steal) money, and then help them.
Have a lovely chat with them and explain your life problems.

Someone compliments your artwork (even if it's bad), out of these options... what would you say?

Aw, don't, it's nothing!
Thanks so much!
I'm still working on it, just wait!
Thanks! But yours is better.

What type of dish would you like to eat?

Anything, I don't care at all!
You don't have to get me anything too good...
Anything prepared with hard work and effort!
Anything made with heart!

Someone asks you for spare money, which one of these would you say?

Of course! Take what you need!
Sure, you can ask again anytime.
I worked hard for mine, but I'm sure with hard work, you can earn yours.
I would love to, but I'm all empty. Wait! I'll help you next time!

You're doing a group project, which one of these would you do?

Do all that I can!
Let everyone make choices, play and work on the project, help with all you can.
Put all my strength and research on the project, give instructions to others.
Pour all my heart into the project, and do my share.

Which one of these animals do you prefer?

Dolphins or cats!
Tiger or rabbits!
Horses or lions!
Elephants or rats!

What do you think this world needs? Out of the following options.

People giving, people sharing.
A more patient and calm environment for everyone to enjoy.
People making effort to make the world a better place.
Everyone to understand each other.

Which one of these words ring a bell to you?


Can I have a hug?

Can I have a hug?
Of course! Have all my hugs!
Sure, you can hug me as much as you want.
Okay! You worked hard for them!
Aw, are you okay with me hugging you?