Which animal would you be? (1)

Which animal would you be? (1)

In a different world, which animal would you be? Maybe a tiger. Or a dog. A monkey. Or, my personal favorite, an otter!

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Do you love big crowds?

Yes! The bigger the better!
I prefer smaller groups. Maybe just a get together.
I don't know.. I'm 50-50

Where would you rather live?

By the water
In a forest
In a giant tree house.

Do you have a lot of friends or just some?

Who doesn't have a lot of friends?
Some i guess.
Umm... Kinda.... Sorta... Maybe... uh... No
Everyone is my friend.

Do you believe in magic?

Yes! Unicorns are just on a uncharted island!
Maybe. Luck i believe in. Magic... Well I'm half and half
No! It's just a fairy tale. Except... without the fairies.

Which one of these is (honestly, no one else is going to see this) you?

Day dreamer
Focus! Focus! Focus!
What was that? I didn't hear.
Mischievous. ):)
Angry 90% of the time.

Do you like school?

Yes! Learning is awesome!
Not really... the kids aren't that nice.
It's break! Why do I care? I'm supposed to be forgetting everything I knew!!!
Sometimes it's hard to pay attention.

How do others react to you?

Others think I'm a leader.
Everyone thinks I'm kind!
I don't really hang out with others....
Generous. Definitely generous.
I'm SO humble! Everyone calls me humble! Cause, like, that's what I am. SOOOOO humble! WHY DON'T THEY PAY ATTENTION TO ME?