How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)

By answering random questions, I will guess your age. Tell me if I'm right!

published on February 12, 201670 responses 25
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What do you do most of the time?

Hang out with my friends.
Play on Ipad or Celphone.
I need to study/work. *sigh -_-

Your mom forces you to play with your annoying three year old cousin, what do you do?

Let's play hide and seek! You hide and I count a very long number!
Look a flying pig! *runs away
I would play with her! She's small, she doesn't deserve to be treated like the other options!

What do you watch in TV?

Cartoon network or Nickelodeon!
TV shows!
Soap opera!

Which one do you like best, Hunger games or Harry potter?

Hunger Games!
Harry potter!
Hunrry pomes! Or Hager Gatter! (If you didn't figure it out, It's the both.)
I don't know any of these. (:O Rare)

Would you rather be burned alive, crushed or drowned? (Me: How can I find a good reason for dying)

Drown, I just prefer getting suffocated.
Burned alive, I wanna get tortured first!
Crushed, I hope it's fast.