Take this quiz to find how much you know about cats

Take this quiz to find how much you know about cats

You say you love cats do you? Take this quiz to find out how much you REALLY know about cats. Are you cat crazy like me? Or just meh...

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What type of milk is safe to give to most cats?

Cow's milk
Goat's milk
Pig's milk
You can give them every type of milk, it won't hurt them
No milk at all!

How many cat breeds are there in the world?

Around 50
I don't know.

Your cat does something bad. How do you punish it?

Grab it by the scruff, make eye contact and firmly say no.
Kick it!
Tug on it's ears
Pull it's tail
Scream at it.
Spray it with water.

What does it mean when a cat hisses?

They are confused.
They are trying to get attention
They are scared.
It's a warning to back off.

Should you fix your cat?

Not if they are indoor.
Never, it harms them.

What is Grumpy cat's real name?

Tatar sauce
Tadar sauce
Tader sauce
Tater sauce

What are two things cats are allergic to?

Chocolate, and salmon.
Tuna, bread.
Cats are allergic to nothing.
Sushi, Chocolate
All human foods

What are 5 youtubers that make cat videos?

Cole and marmalade, Kitten lady,# Mapleshade3399, Robin Seplut, Artem TOMO
Kitten lady, Jayplays, I love kitties, Meow for now, Robin seplut.
Artem Lomo, super cute and funny, the three siamese, we love pets channel, purr.
How should I know? I don't watch cats.

What's a sign that a cat is fixed?

A collar
A chipped ear
A missing tooth
A microchip
None of the above

Are black cats bad luck?

It depends on the cat
No way!
Yes, it's true.

How many hours a day do cats sleep?

Roughly 22
Around 20
They don't sleep.
All day.
10 hours

Should you feed a kitten on it's back?

In rare cases
No, it's not good, they can swallow too much, or choke
I don't think so.
Yes, they are like babies.
If they are small.

When a cat lashes it's tail it's...


Why do cats knead?

They feel content and happy, reminding them of the time their mother was nursing them.
To make you a sweater.
They feel very calm.

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