What color is your personality? (1)

Want to know more about your personality? Take this quiz to find out! (Similar to my color aura quiz)

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What color is your personality? (1)
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Two people you really care about are having an argument. What do you do?

Wade in: you'll always fight for whoever you think is right.
Stay out of it: if you get involved, you'll just make things worse.
Make peace: quietly explain each side's perspective to the other.
Walk away: you trust them to resolve it, and you'll be there when they do.
Distract them: suggest an activity you know they'll both enjoy
Let it go: it's not a big deal. Conflict's a part of life, and a good fight clears the air.

What's your perfect night out with friends?

Dancing all night had a great new club.
Stargazing and a picnic in the park
Having a good meal at a quiet cozy restaurant you all love
Hanging out and talking at someone's house
Catching a movie by your favorite director
Singing your heart out at a karaoke night

What's your favorite way to get yourself clean?

A quick power shower, water on full force
Anything with the warm water and fresh soap
I soak in a tub with soothing music playing
A bath with bubbles and your favorite book
A long, productive shower – that's where you have your best ideas
A Jacuzzi with its Jets bubbling and frothing

Schools out for the summer! What's your dream vacation?

Snowboarding in the mountains, or white water rafting down a wild River
Walking through lush Woodland, just you, your crush, and the singing birds
Relaxing at an elegant spa, up to your neck in warm, bubbling water
Lying on a warm beach with the sun, the surf, and a few good friends
Following a fascinating, knowledgeable guide around the historic quarter of a cool city
Attending a cultural festival, with life and excitement everywhere you turn

You're babysitting a child for an hour. How do you amuse them?

Arm yourselves with water pistols and chase each other around the house
Get out the crayons and construction paper, and work on a picture together
Sit down with them and have a quiet chat about their day
Build an enourmous blanket fort, cuddle up, and sing songs together
Pick out some books that they love and settle down for a read aloud a session
find some of their stuffed animals and improvise a puppet show

You get to make anything you want for dinner. What do you pick?

An exotic dish with a lots of spices – something you've never made before
A warm stew that'll give you a satisfying hit of vitamins and veggies
Classic chicken, rice, and vegetables – easy, filling, and delicious
Sticky, gooey, yummy macaroni cheese and an enormous hot fudge sundae
Make-your-own tacos, with tons of fun fillings and hot sauces to experiment with.
A colorful salad with tasty nuts and berries hidden under every leaf.

You're stuck alone for the evening. How do you pass the time?

Plan something to surprise your friends when you see them tomorrow
Get out your unfinished craft projects or try a new recipe for dinner
Take advantage of the time to finish the homework that's due next week
Put on your favorite movie or tv show and curl up on the couch
Log on to your favorite website and catch what you've missed
Blast your favorite songs while you lip synch into a hairbrush