Five Nights at Judy's

Would you survive a stay at the most haunted house on Brooksville Street?

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You are walking through a hallway, and you see a three foot tall figure in the closet. You-

Go check it out!

The figure jumps out. It looks like a cleaned up version of Mangle. You-

Go pet it. It looks cute!
Offer it a cookie.

The Fox pounced on you. How do you fight?

Punch its right eye!
Pull her tail.

You manage to escape Angel. But you hear some thing that sounds like "You shouldn't have done that." You turn around to see a five foot tall chicken, who looks like Toy Chica. You-

Do nothing.
Charge at it. It's only a chicken.

Behind a chair is a stuffed cat that has a tag that says "Take me". Do you take it?

Yes! *squeeze plushie*
Leave it.

The plush comes alive, and appears to he Stuffy the Cat!

Run away!
Fight back!

If you chose Run away, what do you do?

When Stuffy attacks, punch his face!
When he attacks, rip his arm off!
I chose fight.

You see a short dog figure. It jump scares you. You-

Get scared and freeze.
Go for her leg!

The animals are ganging up on you! Sheikah is dressed as a ninja and has a sword, Angel has a crossbow, Stuffy has two pillows, and Judy the Dog is ready to bite.

I run.
I leave the Sheikah and Angel, they seem most dangerous.
Fight all!
Eat a muffin. "I like trains."

Sheikah is ready to slash at you. You

Scream for help
Back into a corner.

There are four games on a table. You can bring a character from a game into reality. Which one?

I choose Sonic the Hedgehog. (He will date Angel)
I choose Link. (He removes Sheikah from her suit, and dates
her, reveals who she is.)
I choose Mario. (Puts Stuffy in a trance by childhood
I choose Steve from Minecraft.(Surprise there)

Finally, What happened?

Link removes Sheikah, it is really Bree from Glitched.
Sonic convinces Angel to come out of her suit, it was Bree' s
Mario hypnotized Stuffy.
Steve takes Judy to his world.