Which cute anime girl are you?

Which cute anime girl are you?

In this quiz I made up a few names, took a few pictures off google, and made up a few personalities. Also tell me in the comments what I need to do and/or if you want me to make more

published on October 01, 201622 responses 16 4.2★ / 5

What is your hair color?

Dark gray

How would you describe yourself?

Party girl
Adorable like a bunny

How would you react if a cute boy walked up?

Lead him into a dark alley and murder him?
Me: -facepalms-
Run away?
Smile and chat?

A bully pushes your BFF into her locker, what do you do?

Stab them
I don't have a BFF
Kick them in the nuts
Call a teacher

(Last one) What is your favorite color?

Black, like my soul
Me:-_- well aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?
I don't really know...
Something LOUD!

Ok this is really the last one,
What did you think?

It was great! *giggle*
Umm... I don't like pressure *starts to sweat*
Me: sorry, I don't like pressure either
It was stupid
Me: well FINE then!
*doesnt hear because of headphones*

BAI!!! I hope you had fun!

Aww bye!
Good riddance.
Me: YES!!!!!!!!