What kind of Friend are you? (11)

Have you ever wondered what you are in your friends eyes? Well, here's your chance to find out!

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You and your friends are at an awesome party, One of your friends want to go, what do you do?

Leave. no use arguing.
Fight about it until the party is over.
Tell her you REALLY want to stay.
Ask her why she wants to leave.
Tell her to stay just for a couple minutes.
Argue then decide to leave.

You are at a sleepover and someone dumps a jug of milk on your head, What do you do?

Jump up and tackle them. What else?
Turn it into a game.
Agree that you deserved it, even though you did not.
Calmly ask why they did it.
Get them back by putting ants In their sleeping bag.
Decide to just let it go.

You can't decide what kind of friend you will take to a concert. Who do you choose?

Duh. the loyal one, because no matter what she will stay with me.
Whoever likes me best.
I honestly don't know.

One of your friends are sad. What do you do?

Head over there right away to comfort them.
Why should I care?
I'd buy them a gift to cheer them up.

Uh-Oh! Your best friend is in detention! What do you do?

I'd come with 'em! That's what friends are for!
Rescue them!
Throw them a, You survived detention party!

What kind of friend do you want to be?

Leader. What else?
Um, Why are you asking?
Kind if you can that is.
What I end up with I guess.

What would your friends say you were?

Leader 'cause that's who I am.
(Ahem) PARTY YEAH!!!!!
Why, Generous of course!
Um...kind...I um...guess?
Honest is, as Honest does!
Loyal. DUH.
I don't really care what they think.