What kind of dragon are you? (2)

If you are a mythical dragon in a mythical world, what kind of dragon would you be? Check this test to know!

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If you see a cute little kitty hanging up on a tree, calling for help, what would you do?

Try and bring it down, duh.
Leave it alone, it can help itself.
Try and throw anything at it, HUE HUE HUE HUE!
I should try to help it down, but carefully.
I should get some people and ask them about what to do with the kitty
Idunno, what would I do?

You are the king of a large kingdom, another kingdom is telling you to give them half of your kingdom's gold and resources or they will send you an army that stretches the atlantic ocean, what would you do in that case?

Idunno, what would I do?
I offer them 25% of what they ordered us only, and if they refuse, then it's war.
Give them 50% of what they requested, and if they refuse, then I raise it to 65%, if they also refuse that offer, it means war.
I try to negotiate with them smartly to get to a decision of peace.
I'll lure them to a trap and kill him off, him and his army.
I quit leadership!

You hear about an impending apocalypse in a few years, what is your first and most important priority after hearing these news, considering only you know these news?

Tell everyone about these news as part of a news channel to get some profit, and just follow what will happen next.
I will make escape pods and run away from earth with as much people I can take with me as possible.
I make escape pods and take with me all my friends and family.
I make an escape pod and run away, all by myself.
I make escape pods and sell seats for a very high price.
I panic

What's your favourite pizza topping?

I hate pizza!

Final question: Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get... to the other side?
No it didn't, it was a busy road, tehehehe...
Chickens don't cross roads, logic.
To get to Pizza Hut!
It did?

Are you confident with your answers?

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