Who are you from Alice and wonderland?

Who are you from Alice and wonderland?

Answer these questions to see who you are, it's easy as a tea party and cake!

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Favorite Quote from Alice and Wonderland.

Favorite Quote from Alice and Wonderland.
Have I gone mad?
I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours.
It is far better to be feared than loved.
I give myself good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
Alice: How long is forever...
White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second.

How do you smile?

What do you mean?
Wide, and big, because you see I want to show everyone my happiness
Well, lets see....White? Well of course!
When I smile, I can't help but laugh, because that is because that is why I smile
I don't like to show my teeth when I smile, why would anyone want to see me smile anyway...


Well, mad of course.

Look in the mirror, what do you see?

I see a beautiful queen.
I see a me, what else would I see.
Someone that doesn't understand what is going on.
Well, lets see maybe a person who loves to imagine.
I see someone crazy.

Favorite emoji?

Favorite emoji?
;) <3

Favorite color?

Maybe the color is me.
Let it be known that colors do not describe a person (Purple and Blue)

Do you like kids?

Do you like kids?
No, unless it is me
If as in kid, you mean imaginative, than yes, but other than that......no
Only if the kid is not all bad.
Yes, I guess
Only if they are mine.

Favorite type of internet cat!!!

ME!!! (Cheshire)
Nyan Cat.
Pusheen Cat :3
Grumpy Cat
....I like dogs better....

Favorite version of alice in wonderland?

Favorite version of alice in wonderland?
Who cares, as long as Red queen is in them!
I like the book better....
The newer one (realistic one)
Well, lets see....ALL OF THEM!
The original (Cartoon)

Favorite Monster?

The crazier the better!
depends on the madness of the monster.....
I.....I......don't li...like monsters.....

Favorite time of the year?

Favorite time of the year?
All my unbirthdays!
I love it all, as long as I have friends by my side.
Halloween, because I can dress as someone different
My Birthday!

Fate is in play!!!