What Popular Jammer Are You?

A quiz to figure out what popular jammer you are most like! Westeriamoon? Aparri? You find out by taking this quiz!

published on June 22, 20164 responses 0

If you were popular on animal jam, which of these would you do?

Be random while recording and tell everyone to give you their rares.
Bully everyone while recording and report everyone who looks like Fman.
While recording watch everyone do dumb stuff around you and send everyone jam-a-gram autographs

which of these amuses you the most on animal jam?

People pretend to kill and fight each other.
To trade people rare stuff then decline the trade.
Polar bears dressed up like bumble bees.

Pick something

Doing random challanges
Doing makeovers
Just being a jerk and bully

which do you like more?


What do you do on animal jam when your on?

Call everyone scammers.
Tell everyone your recording and tell them to say hi.
Be a prankster and ask people if they want all your rares, and they say yes, then you say too bad.