Which Kardashian are you ?

Which Kardashian /(Jenner) Girl are you? Kim, Khloe , Kourtney , Kris, Kylie OR Kendall ?!

published on October 07, 201434 responses 11 3.8★ / 5

Youre 70%...

Generosity <33
Happiness :)
Beauty :D
Sweetness XD
Surprise <3 :)

Youre a little upset because...

People are taking the mick all the time -_-
No one wants to listen to you!
Youre feeling ignored
You always get the blame!
People keep judging you
You always get the short end of the stick!

But you know it will be ok because..

Family will always help <3
My sibling is here for me.
I can call / text my friends :)
You only care about those who matter, not the opinion of others...
You have your Bae`s support :)
I dont, I dont know if it will be ok :(

People would desrcribe your style as...


Your favourite Kardashian / Jenner Girl is...


You chose ___ because ?

Without Kris there would be no Kim , Kourtney , Khloe, excetera! she is the main Kardash <3
Kim, she is the most famous and beautiful.
Khloe, shes the kindest out of all of them!
Kourtney, I admire her confidence and beauty.
Kendall, shes such a beautiful young model & Role model
Kylie, Shes the youngest ( Like me ) / her wardrobe is to die for!

Last and Final Question, Choose your favourite Quote :)

"No one gets my humor"
"Stop sippin on the Haterade"
"It sucks when youve given so much and you realise it still wasnt good enough for someone"
"Il cry at the end of the day... Not with fresh makeup!"
ALS ice bucket challenge got me like..."Thank god I have no friends!"
"Im not exactly what you call normal.."