Which death note character are you most like?

My first personality quiz, I hope it is accurate but I cannot guarantee :P Characters are- Light, L, Mello, Matt, Near, Misa, Soichiro, Takada, Matsuda, Sayu, Naomi If you want more added then just comment!

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About what level is your intelligence?

10 im a total genius
9 I am incredibly smart
8 I am very smart
7 I'm quite smart
6 I've got abilities
5 pretty average
4 I have trouble but not too much
3 didn't do well in school but I'm not dumb

How did you achieve that intelligence

I worked hard
I worked my butt off
lol nothing
just did my work
A bit of work, mostly talent though

Do you think what Light is doing is wrong?

NO its great
I really don't care

Would you consider yourself attractive?

well yeah I try
Sure or so Ive been told
I guess Im average
Not sure
I don't care all that much

What do you like to eat

whatever gets my brain going
Healthy, I don't see too much appeal in junk
If it tastes good I'll eat it
I just eat so that I wont die, its not that interesting

Are you emotional?

No I am a robot
Beep Boop
I usually keep to myself but I do have feelings
Yay im normal
A bit more emotional than others

Do you have quick thinking?

Yea I'm known for it
No but I think ahead when I have time
No I would awkwardly sit there till I have a plan that probably wont work
Not the best but better than most

Would you consider yourself mature?

Yea I try
Yeah, Well I don't do immature things at least
No but I hide it, sort of
Nope! I go all out t(^.^t)
I really don't care

Would you lie if your life DIDN'T depend on it?

Yea I lie a lot anyway
Only if it doesn't hurt others
No I am a honest person

So hows your social life?

I don't know, I'm usually in my room alone on my computer. Besides, who needs friends
I got 1-2 friends. I don't go looking for new ones though
Im quite outgoing and have quite a few friends
I have my group of friends that I hang out with
I'm popular B)