will you survive garrys mod headcrab invasion

Headcrabs attack you dimention Youre name is chosen youre weapons are chosen everything you can choose and lots of lots more

published on May 10, 20145 responses 0
will you survive garrys mod headcrab invasion
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You hear so ething bashing inyoure trash.you dicedide to

Crab a crowbar an chek it out
You call jacky chan to shut it up
You run unarmed outa the house sceaming like a girl
Shout run

You see a brown thing with 4 arms and you dicedide to

Swear at it and thow a rock
Shoot it with a broken toilet flusher
Hit it with a crowbar

You see another one jumping on a hmans head and turnig them to a zombie and you

Pee on him
Shoo the headcrab and not the possibly alive human
Throw it with a small dog

Hear somene saing im a duck fighting a zombie and you

Piss on it
Throw acrowbar at it
Saymeh and kill youreself
Think hs is a dream and pi ch a zomie
Run away

Suddenly your mama goes tthe bathroom and her butt explodes and you

Swear the toilet
Call the police
Call te ire dpatement
Prank call the police
Go o thebar when you are 1