Which Naruto character would be your friend?

Which Naruto character would be your friend?

Ever wondered which character from Naruto would be your friend? Well, now's your chance to find out!

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What is your gender?

Why is that relevant?

Do you enjoy school? If you're not in school, just pick how you'd feel if you were in school right now. This includes college and university as well.

Gosh no, I hate it!
Yes, I love school!
I don't feel strongly about it either way

What do you typically wear?

Formal attire
Whatever's comfy and makes me look alright at least
Sporty clothes
Clothing that makes me look highly attractive, even if it's uncomfortable
Clothing as dark and edgy as my soul

Do you consider yourself smart?

No, I think I'm stupid and worthless
I'd say I'm average
I think I'm a little above average intelligence
I'm crazy smart in general!

If you got a crush, which of these things would you be most likely to do?

Immediately ask my crush out
I would do nothing differently and keep it a secret from everybody
I would tell my friends about it, but tell them to keep it between us
I would tell everybody that (my crush) is mine and mine alone regardless of if we're together or not
Something other than those options

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I'm a dog person for sure!
I'm a cat person for sure!
I like them both equally
I dislike them both equally

What do you like to do most at sleepovers?

I hate sleepovers / I don't like sleepovers
I like to gossip with my friends and talk about our crushes
I like to play manhunt and similar outdoor games
I like to watch horror movies
I don't really have a preference, I just love to spend time with my friends!
I like to binge watch things other than horror movies