Which Silly Prankster Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which silly prankster personality best matches yours!

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What is your go-to prank?

Plastic wrap on the doorway
Dropping fake spiders on someone
Whoopie cushion on the chair
Putting a rubber band around the sink sprayer

What's your reaction when your prank fails?

What's your reaction when your prank fails?
Pretend you had nothing to do with it
Plan a bigger and better prank as revenge
Laugh it off and try another prank
Feel bad and confess immediately

How do you feel about pranking strangers?

Too risky, stick to friends and family
Only if it's harmless and won't offend anyone
Love it, the more reactions the better
Never, it's mean-spirited

What's your favorite silly prop for pranks?

Whoopee cushion for classic laughs
Disappearing ink for subtle pranks
Fake hand to leave in places as a joke
Fake poop to gross people out

How do you plan your pranks?

Wing it and hope for the best
Impulse, no plan needed
Carefully consider timing and setting
Research and strategize for maximum impact