Does he Like you? *Girls Only*

Does he Like you? *Girls Only*

Does he smile or frown when you are around? Does he laugh when you laugh? Does he look at you? Find out here!

published on August 26, 201726 responses 3
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Does he smile when you are around?

Yes he does and we hang out sometimes
No he is always with his friends but we chat from time to time
No he never looks my way but i tend to stay near him

When you joke does he laugh with you?

No but i just know i'm not funny
No not at all because I can't talk to him
Yah because i'm funny and we joke around

Does he compliment you?

Sometimes but when he does i just thank him to keep it cool
Sometimes but he is always with his friends
No but i talk to my friends who are close to him to find what he likes

When you are sad does he comforts you?

Sometimes but my friends are there for me more
Yes he is always by my side
No he doesn't notice if i'm sad

Does he notice if you changed your style?

Yeah but he saids that it suits me
No but sometimes
Not at all

When you are with your friends is he with you?

Yeah all the time
Sometimes when he is not busy
No he is always busy

Does he stand up for you?

No he mostly laugh when someone jokes about me
No he just asks 'Who is (Y/N)?'
Yes, he is always there for me

Last quiestion...Do you think they love you?

I don't know
No..I don't think so?

Will you try out my other quizzes and coment what you got?

I don't have an account
Sorry but no