Ever After High - Raven Queen or Apple White?

Ever After High - Raven Queen or Apple White?

Find out who YOU are by taking this Ever After High personality quiz. Many thanks if you take , rate and comment! ~CrystalWings

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There's a cake decoration contest - How do you decorate your cake?

A mixture of purple and white icing
Skull and crossbows

Maddie or Briar?

Briar! She's so stylish and the "chillin" type!
Maddie! She's fun...and well...MAD!

School Talent Show - What do you perform?

A sweet love song!
With an instrument

If you could dye a streak of your hair - Which colour?


Animals or rock music?

Animals! So cute and lovely!
Rock music! It sounds so awesome!


Wonderful , kind and creative!
Quiet , sweet and cool!

Follow your parent's path or make your own destiny?

Follow my parent's path
Make my own destiny