Ever After High - Raven Queen or Apple White?

Ever After High - Raven Queen or Apple White?

Find out who YOU are by taking this Ever After High personality quiz. Many thanks if you take , rate and comment! ~CrystalWings

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Animals or rock music?

Animals! So cute and lovely!
Rock music! It sounds so awesome!

Follow your parent's path or make your own destiny?

Follow my parent's path
Make my own destiny

If you could dye a streak of your hair - Which colour?



Wonderful , kind and creative!
Quiet , sweet and cool!

There's a cake decoration contest - How do you decorate your cake?

A mixture of purple and white icing
Skull and crossbows

Maddie or Briar?

Briar! She's so stylish and the "chillin" type!
Maddie! She's fun...and well...MAD!

School Talent Show - What do you perform?

A sweet love song!
With an instrument