Are you a Girly-Girl or a Tom-Boy?

Find out whether or not you're girly or maybe just a little more on the boy side. 8)

published on May 17, 201536 responses 5 4.5★ / 5

Do you like to wear makeup?

Most times, not all the time.
Not really. Maybe, if I'm forced.
I don't really care for it.

Where would you like to vacation?

My house

If you had to choose between video games or the mall, which would you choose?

The mall, obviously.
Video games. Kill the motherf*cking zombies.
Depends on how I feel.

Potato chips or healthy fish?

Why not both?
Salmon, please.
Potato chips.

What's your favorite color(s)?

Pink / Purple / Tan
I like other colors.
Blue / Green / Orange

Pizza? ;-)

That's soooo unhealthy!
I don't care. :D

How many female best friends do you have?

Only one...
I have more than three.
... Zero.
Two is all I need.

Would you take a bullet for any of your friends?

Of course not! It'd ruin my fabulous dress!
Depends on who it is.