The Why quiz

The Why quiz

The why quiz is a fun quiz and you will only know what it is if you do it!

published on July 11, 20194 responses 0
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Do you cringe easily?

Heck no!
I mean...I don’t I...

Are you afraid of wild animals?

No! Their so cool!
Yes! Look at its fangs! Ahhhh!
Their cool I suppose...

If you saw someone at school getting beat up what would you do?

Watch silently from the crowd
Push through the crowd to break up the fight
Run and get a teacher

You have a free period in school, what do you do?.

Go hang with my BoyFriend
Stick my nose in a book
Sit alone on a bench

Your at a party and this really cute guys comes and asks you to dance and he’s waiting for a response what do you do?

Heck ya! He’s Mah kinda man!
Um maybe another time ( LEAVES HIM IN THE DUST )
I would love to...just never mind pushes him away and runs

You have a school project half your grade but you also just got a new Movie to watch what would you do?

I’ll just watch the movie THEN do my homework
I better get my homework done...
I’ll just fail anyways so I’m gonna take a nap..
Maybe I can watch it and do my homework at the same time??...