What Divergent Faction do you Belong in? (1)

What Divergent Faction do you Belong in? (1)

Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite or Dauntless? Discover your faction!

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Someone dares you to sneak into your crush's room and steal a belonging of their's. You...

Laugh and agree.
Disagree and walk away. You would never do such a thing.
Do the dare but return the item back and confess what you did.
You sneak in and steal and leave no evidence behind.

A friend asks you for your homework because they forgot to do theirs. You...

Agree and give it to them. You don't want them to get in trouble.
Agree but tell them to do it next time.
Say no and walk away. Why should you let them take credit for your hard work?

You find a wallet lying on the ground as you walk home. There is a photo in there and a whole lot of money. You...

Take the money and leave the wallet there.
Leave it there. The owner might come back to look for it.
Take the wallet with you and search for clues to help you find the owner.

Your friend forgets to bring their lunch and they're starving. You...

Offer them your food.
Buy them food.
Share your food with them.
Get all your friends to give the person some food.

The police take you in and lock you up because they believe you are a wanted criminal. You...

Persuade them that you are not a criminal.
Tell the truth and if possible, lead them to the criminal.
Find a way to escape.
Let it go. You would rather sit there and serve the punishment than let someone else.