Would you win Big Brother?

Do you have what it takes to win half a million dollars on Big Brother? Do you have the brains and the brawn to take on the various challenges? Well, that's what this lovely quiz is all about! Finding out if you'd be the grand prize winner or the sad soul who's sent packing first. Ready? Let's find out! (NOTE: HOH is Head of Household. POV is Power of Veto. Also, the result pictures may not be accurate, but I don't care.)

published on July 12, 20177 responses 0
Would you win Big Brother?
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Have you even watched Big Brother?

Yes! I've seen a lot.
I watch it every summer
What's that?
A few episodes, but I have the gist of what it's about.
Yes, and I know almost ALL the contestants.

If you went on Big Brother, what would be your goal?

Showmances!!! Love them!!! (Me: Ok then... ?)
Eyes on the prize baby! (Me: HELL YEAH!)
To have a good time, after all, it's just a game. (Me: Well, um, never mind.)
The Jury.

What is your strategy?

Form a big alliance.
Make a few allies, take down the showmances.
Lay low.
Try to be the leader of the house.
Try to win the HOH, POV, and other competitions.

If you were HOH, who would you want to evict?

People I hate!
The people that are a threat to my game.
People who my allies told me to put up.
Whoever I feel like.

RP TIME!!! So you just won the POV! Who do you use it on?

Myself, if I am on the block.
My ally that is on the block.

Another RP question! You have just been blindsided by one of your allies! What do you and your team do?

Try to nominate him/her for eviction!
Cry and do nothing.

Are you in good physical and mental health?

Yeah. Everything is perfect!
Good physically, but not mentally.
Not really.
Eh, pretty good.

If you are HOH, what would be your plan for evicting people?

Try to get two people to be pawns, put them on the block, then try to win the POV, then
save one of the pawns. Then, nominate the target for eviction.
Nominate the two targets right off the bat!
Evicting creepy, weird outsiders! You never know what they're planning.
Choosing people I don't trust and that I hate.
Break up the big alliances.

Who would be your allies?

People that I trust and that will keep me off the block and that will support me.
Whoever I become friends with.

Another RP! You're talking to one of your fellow houseguests. He/she asks what your plan is. What do you tell them?

I don't know. (But I secretly have a plan.)
Tell him/her my entire plan!
Let him/her in on it, but make him/her swear to secrecy.

You have just been put up on the block for eviction! Oh no! What do you plan to do to save yourself from being voted out?

I don't have to worry! I'm just a pawn.
I would convince people to vote to keep me in the house.
Do whatever it takes to win the Veto and save myself from the block.

One of your allies just won the HOH. Yay! But he/she asks you to go up on the block as a pawn in order to back door the main target. Do you accept his/her request?

No. Going up on the block is a dangerous game. I don't want to end up like Ramses!
Yeah. I trust my allies enough. I know they'd use the POV to save me.

Well, looks like we're out of time! Ready for the results?

Show me!
I guess.
Nooo! More BB questions, PLEASE!