Would You Be My BFF? (2)

Would You Be My BFF? (2)

I know this is stupid, but I want to know if you have what it takes to be my BFF. :P :3

published on December 18, 201443 responses 0
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If you came over to my house, what food item would you bring me?

Pizza, ice cream, Dr. Pepper, and gummy bears.
Um, I ain't bringing YOU food! ^_^
How about chicken nugguts?

Where would we go hang out?

Forever 21 (at the mall)
A science museum.
Nowhere, you bore me to death.

(Random question. Answer the best you can.) What is my favorite color, and if it was my birthday, what would you buy me. (Both answers will be on one choice.) (Two of them are correct. One is not.)

You love purple and I would buy you Mary Poppins.
You love red and I would buy you cheese.
You like black and I would buy you ear-buds.

This is the second to last question. This is EASY! What do I like to do in my spare time? (Two are correct. If you are one of the view that know me, ya know it.)

Role Play
Watch old timey movies.

Super easy. Anyone of them is right. What animals do I like? I wanted to make an easy one for you.