are you red? wait what?! u don't know. then take the test

are you red? wait what?! u don't know. then take the test

If you are receiving then your angry. If you are blue than you are sad

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Do you get into fights or not

Of course I do. No ******* duh
No. I'd rather hang out with people
No. I don't like people
He**Yeah! I always join a good fight when I see one! ( wait did u see one? Tell me where it is! )
WHY should i tell u you creepy *** m**........
( continues to cus ) (shoot I could of made a friend )
As long as I can get close to them after

Are you cursed?

No. I'm not. And I'll prove it if you think I'm wrong
( sarcasm) yeah totally ( giggle) I'm totally cursed
No! I'm to happy to be cursed
Is it good to be cursed because it's not fair if you are cursed and I'm not
Yes. That's why I'm so lonely !
As long as my prince can free me from it
No. And stop pestering me!

On a scale from 1 to 10 how smart are you?

I'm smarter than you'll ever be. That's for sure.
I'm probably a 4 or 5
I'd say I'm a 2 because I didn't do my homework and I almost failed the exams and....... ( goes on with list
Problem a 8 or 9. No one better beat that.
I don't know. I'm in the back and quiet so the teachers and students don't notice me. Maybe a 5 or 6
I'm to focused on this hot kids neck but I'm problem a 2 or 3 ( where's my lipstick! He's about to look at me!)
I'm mostly reading my book but I sometimes get b's or c's on tests so that's probably a 8 or 9. Now. Like I said before, leave me alone!!

What do you think you are?

Purple/ pink
I don't care. So leave me alone!


Hurry up
Let's do this
I hope I'm the best
No. I'm to scared
Yeah! Let's get them kisses on!
What! I don't care
Leave me alone