What friends character are you?

This quiz will say if you are Monica Geller,Ross Geller,Chalner Bing,Rachel Green,Phoebe Buffey or Joey (I'm not even going to atempt to spell his last name and sorry if I spelt some of the others wrong :( )

published on October 12, 201518 responses 2 4.0★ / 5

Do you like stuff tidy?

Hell Yeah
not fussed
don't care one way or the other
I have my limit
yeah pretty clean
Like most people

Do you like music?

Yes i play an instrument
I do
Some songs
Its ok
On a occasion

Have you gone out with any one inside your main group of friends?

i married the funny one
A bit more than gone out
Yeah i had a baby with one of them
Yeah twice
I have gone out with my friends and set them up. But I have never gone out with anyone in my main group of friends
Well yes

Are you a funny person?

Oh yeah
I think so

Are you fun to be around?

I think so, but not many people think that
Same as the 2nd one
Of course
I'm great fun to be around

Do you like dogs

Yeah anyone remember Chichi
I hate them
Yes i have had dogs
Yeah they're so cute