Are You More Feminine or Masculine?

Are You More Feminine or Masculine?

For accuracy, please answer the following questions without over analyzing it.

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When you're on a vacation, you'd rather:

Plan excursions, sight seeing, and do touristy things
Lay back and go with the flow. See where it takes you...

Which would you choose in this lifetime?

Perfect intimate relationship
A fulfilling career

On your free time, you'd rather:

Go to a spa with a friend
Be outdoors to interact and chat with people
Be outdoors playing sports

When competing, you'd rather:

Lose, but make lifelong friends.

When making love, you'd rather:

Be pinned below and enjoy the ride
Pin your partner below, take control and do what you want.

It's your anniversary, and you're out on a date with your man, it's time to order food. Which would you rather do?

Communicate with your man what you'd like to eat, so that when the waiter comes around, he can place the order for both of you.
You'd rather be the one placing the order with the waiter.

When in a relationship you believe:

Your man needs to make more money than you and be in charge of the finances.
Both you and your man are equally responsible when it comes to finances. Everything should be 50/50
You would like to be in charge of the finances because you need to know exactly what's going on.

When faced with an extremely tough decision, which would you rather do?

Ask other people's opinion, then make the decision.
Make your own decision without other people's influence.

You are carrying groceries, and your neighbor offers to help. You:

Accept his offer and thank him
Reply "No need. I got it!"

You're man asks you to trust him on a decision that he has made, however, you feel a little hesitant because of the "unknown." What do you do ?

You love him, and if this is where his heart is at, you will go with his decision.
You keep insisting and giving him reasons that don't support his decision.