Which Ever After High Roybel are You?

Which Ever After High Roybel are You?

I've been editing my "Which EAH _ are You?" series, and I needed a Roybel quiz. So here it is! Be sure to take all three quizzes in the series! BTW, this series is for girls only. :)

published on October 01, 201522 responses 6
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Who would you most like as your parents?

Who would you most like as your parents?
The Cheshire Cat
The princess from Swan Lake and her prince -- given that my mom's now a swan and my Dad left soon after, I'm an orphan. I
live with my grandparents.
Cinderella and her Prince Charming.
The Queen and King of Hearts.
The White Rabbit.
I've been raised by fairies.

What story do you most feel like you're in?

What story do you most feel like you're in?
Alice in Wonderland -- The Cheshire Cat
Swan Lake
Alice in Wonderland -- Queen of Hearts
Alice in Wonderland -- The White Rabbit
Sleeping Beauty

Who would you most like as a roommate?

Maddie Hatter
Lizzie Hearts
Briar Beauty
Duchess Swan
Faybelle Thorn
Ashlynn Ella

Which name do you like the best?


What's your biggest dream?

What's your biggest dream?
I want to find a loophole in every rule ever made.
I want more people to like me and stop treating me like I'm worth less than they are.
I want to fall in love.
I want to find a way back home. I feel like a fish out of water.
I want to make sure I always have time for those I care about.
I want to live life to the fullest.

What magic touch would you like most?

What magic touch would you like most?
To be able to pop into the Otherworld and become invisible. Also, from the Otherworld, I can go through just about any
object in this dimension, jump infinitely high, and run at unimaginable speeds.
The ability to shapeshift into a swan whenever I want and walk on water.
To be able to talk to animals and pixies.
Make anything out of cards and sense when animals of any kind are nearby.
To be able to shapeshift into a rabbit whenever!
When I fall asleep (which is often) I can hear everything in miles!

What would annoy you most?

Curiosity killed the cat.
Whenever you get mad at someone, feathers (literally) fly and you start speaking in Swan.
Whenever you're late (ever), your clothes dissolve into rags.
People take you literally ALL THE TIME.
You can literally never tell where you're going. Even if you try to use a map, it goes all topsy-turvy!
I fall asleep randomly all the time.

What would be your favorite subject?

What would be your favorite subject?
Dance Class-ic
Environmental Magic
Royal Student Council

What would be your least favorite subject?

What would be your least favorite subject?
General Villainy

What is your signature quote?

I'm destined to have a tragic ending, where I'm cursed into the body of a swan. But it's not gonna be that way forever. I have
bigger plans.
I was never thrilled about being swept away by some random "Prince Charming." True love should come naturally.
Wonderland is the most nonsensical, riddle-tastic, wonderlandiful place ever after, and I miss it dearly.
No matter what rabbit hole life takes you down, never forget the people you care about.
If I'm gonna be catching Z's for a hundred years, I gotta live it up now!

What pet would you like to have?

What pet would you like to have?

What would you name your pet?


Where would you most like to live?

Where would you most like to live?
A Wonderlandian tree house.
A cottage by a lake.
A castle on the edge of the Enchanted Forest.
The Castle of Hearts in Wonderland.
Down a Rabbit-Hole!
A pink castle.

What is your everyday outfit?

What is your everyday outfit?
A fuzzy-comfy dress and leggings that reminds me of home.
A ballet-inspired dress with a tutu skirt and leggings.
Um? I dunno! I would wear a burlap sack to school everyday as long as I have PERFECT shoes!
A black, red, and gold minidress with hearts all over and heart leggings.
A grey vest with black short sleeves and a white fur collar, a mint green skirt with watch designs and a pink plaid hem, and a
giant gold watch.
A pink top and skirt with details that are uniquely me.

What would you wear to Legacy Day?

What would you wear to Legacy Day?
A fuzzy lavender minidress and leggings and a fur-trimmed cape.
A silver-lavender dress with a silver tulle tutu and a silver cape trimmed with swan feathers.
A silky sky-blue dress with a few feet of train and a blue-green cape with three glass beaded clasps.
A floor-length red dress with black hearts along the front and a red cape with gold trim and four gold clasps.
An ankle-length pure white a-line with fur on the hem and collar and a long, furry cape.
A hot pink and black asymmetrical dress and a rose-and-thorn print cape with a fancy ruffled collar.

Why are you a Roybel?

I don't really care about other people's destinies, so I don't need to take a side.
I'm royal, but I don't want to be a bird forever. And something just doesn't feel right...
I've never liked the idea of "falling in love" with some random prince. True love can happen in the woods or at a ball -- but it
can't happen because a book tells it to. I want my true love to be real.
I can't wait to be the Queen of Hearts, but I don't quite approve of many of my Mother's methods. I feel like I'd be destroying
a legacy...
I guess it's because I feel so empathetic to both sides. People like Apple have waited for their destiny their whole lives, and
now that it might not happen... That's what they're really scared of. People like Raven just don't fit into their parents shoes --
they aren't as evil as they're "supposed" to be, and they're standing against it.
I'm just... indesicive. I don't want to fall asleep for a hundred years. I'll never see my family -- or my friends -- ever again!

What's on your MyChapter?

I don't have a MyChapter.
Songs that I'm into, recent ballet performances, etc.
Animal endangerment! Environmental hazards! Save the elephants!
Fashion inspiration!

What's your shoe style?

What's your shoe style?
Fur-cuffed black flats.
White ballet slippers.
Glass slippers.
Red shoes with heavy gold heels.
Just some basic shoes.
Strappy heeled sandals with de-thorned briar branch straps.

Which of these hairstyles would you most like to have?

Which of these hairstyles would you most like to have?
Curly lavender pigtails.
Wavy black-and-white side ponytail and a classic purple flower hairband.
Cinderella hair with long locks hanging down from a bun and a pink headband with animal designs on it.
Red and black hair with a heavy golden crown.
Straight white hair that reaches just down to your chin.
Curly brown-and-pink locks and crownglasses.

What is/are your signature color/colors?

Silver and light purple.
Sky blue and cotton candy pink.
Red, black, and gold. Mostly red and gold.
Hot pink and jet black.

What nail polish color would you most like?

I could try that fuzzy nail polish.
Something classic, like french nails.
Alternating black, red, and gold with hearts.
Black with hot pink stripes.

What is your social status?

The troublemaker.
The classic girl.
The girl that always wonders if she's good enough.
The new, weird girl.
The daredevil fashionista.

Which EAH Roybel is your favorite?