are you a monster high student or an ever after high student?

Check out are you rather Monster High or Ever After High student?Its quick and fun!

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Do you like princesses ?

well I'm a little princess!
no way!It's not me!

Do you want to write your own destiny?

of course! It's my dream!
that can be in my mind,not written

Are you scered of friday the 13th?'s a big deal for me
I never heard of it

Are you a little monster?

yes,I am
no way,more of a princess

How would you describe your personality?

everyone has a different one
royal/rebel.That's the kind of my school

Do you have powers?

maybe powers of beauty or none
well I kind of do

Do you call your friends royal or rebel?

why would I?

Where do you want to live?

royal/rebel castle
somewhere fancy

Do you like to call your friends ghouls?

what a silly thing to call my friends
yes I do

What do you think you will get?

monster high
ever after high