What cliff diving team should you support?

What cliff diving team should you support?

There are four teams in the national sport of toads cd they all compete in a season which lasts 3 months (a toads cd year (we are currently in 29 (19/10/16))). There are mini competitions if your team wins one they will get a point the team with the most points at the end of the season wins the season. This sport is when toys do tricks of of cliffs in to the sea. Obviously the competitions take place in beach towns. Which of the four teams, each containing three divers , would be best for you Every competition in the 29th season I will post all the news

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Do you like being the new team with ability and wealth or the old team with experience


Do you support Liverpool fc

Do you support Liverpool fc

Do you like a strong fan base

No, I like to watch

Do you prefer better individuals or strong bonds in your team

Without incredible divers, the team will look like a bunch of fools
Chemistry is the foundation of an incredible team

Do you prefer solo or synchro dives

You have more freedom in a solo dive
Team dives are high scoring but risky. I am willing to take that risk
Team dives build chemistry

Do you prefer a long history of glory days or successful seasons nowadays?

A history is what makes a team good
Then is then, we're focusing on now
Neither, I'd prefer a bad team with a prosperous future ahead

Are you a risk taker

I play it safe

Is your team emotional with one another

They have heaps of chemistry and aren't afraid to share their emotions.
That's embarrassing!

Fans or players.

Fans. Our club relies on our fan base
Players, then the fans will be happy

Front or back flips

Front flips are less of a gamble
Backflips are higher scoring
We're so good we can do both

How talented are your divers in comparison to the coach.

Divers are way more talented
Coach probably