Are You a Girly Girl Or a TomBoy? (1)

there isn't both sorry but i will make this a good quiz :) i will had ore than 2 options and i will ask good questions and not annoying ones like did you like this? or will you comment. I promise! :D enjoy!

published on November 16, 201457 responses 19 4.2★ / 5

What is your hairstyle?

High Ponytail
My hair is short

What is your choice of wear?

mini skirt and t-shirt with heels
t-shirt and pants with tennis shoes
tank top with jeans and jordans
shorts and tanks top with sandals

What is your fave thing to do?

Playing video games
Hanging with my friends

How do you laugh?

I giggle
I snort sometimes
I do both sometimes ...

What type of movies do you like?

Romance, Drama, or Musical
Horror, Drama, or Mystery (something like that xP)