Which mean girl are you

Which mean girl are you

Cady, Regina, Gretchen, Or Karen. Who from the plastics are you most like?

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In your group of friends you are...

The follower
The leader
The gossiper
The one who never knows what's going on

If you transferred to a new school what would your main priority be?

To make a good impression on the teachers
To make a good impression on my
To learn all about what's going on in the
school so I'm not behind
Try to not get lost

What do you do when you're fighting with your best friend?

Try to solve the problem
Give them a cold shoulder for a while
Ask other people to find out what's going on
with her
Pretend like it didn't happen

How would you describe your style?


If someone invited you to write in a burn book would you?

No! Or yes If everyone else dose
Of course!
Maby if I don't get in trouble
If I had as good reason to I would

What's it favorite quote from Mean Girls?

I have really bad breath in the morning
Get in the car loser we're going shopping
That is so fetch
There's a 30% chance is already raining

What do you think about Regina George's mom?

She's a horrible mother
She's kinda annoying
I think she's awesome!

If you and your best friend had a crush on the same guy what would you do?

Let the best girl win
Do anything I can to get him to like me more
Let her have him is not worth it
Who ever sees him first gets him

If you and your friends get in major trouble what would you do?

Take the blame. Better for one of us to get in
trouble then all of us.
Deny deny deny and hope they won't find out
the truth
Blame it on someone else
Let my friends handle it. I'd probably just get
us into more trouble

What is your favorite makeup?

No makeup
Lip gloss
Lip smackers

Have you been personally victimized by Regina George?

Rather not say
*raises hand because everyone else is*