Which Link are you?

Which Link are you?

So many.Links, so many personalities... Take this quiz to find out which of these amazing Hylian Heros is most like you! ^w^

published on January 29, 201659 responses 16 4.8★ / 5

Ok, first things first. Who's your favorite companion?

My loftwing
The King of Red Lions
I dunno, lol.
Well, excuuuuse ME, Princess!!

How are you today?

*yawns* I'm a little tired, but hey. :3
I'm good. *howls*
I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorock!
I'm great, you? : )
Well, excuuuuse ME, Princess!

Ok, what cool powers would you like?

Traveling through time.
Controlling the winds
Well excu-
Me: NO.
I dunno, lol
Transforming into a wolf!! *howls*

For what reason are you most likely to be hospitalized for?

Falling off of the back of my bird or getting
my ass kicked by
Attacked by chickens/cuccoos
Probably something involving bee larvae.
Oh boy! I dunno.
"I like trains".

What item would you like?

A magical Ocarina
I don't know, I'm fine with my.powers.
The Wind Waker
*yawns*…A bird.....
*has tape over mouth so can't speak*
Mmph, ppppphhh mph, Ppmpb!

What's your favorite thing to do?

Play with the pigs!
Be annoying!
Ask the Princess to Excuse me!
Go fishing
Ride Epona
Sleep.....Just.....Sleep....... *yawns*

What is well known about your game?

An annoying as hell fairy and a hard temple.
Oh, and a ninja who
drinks tea!
Hm, Fi and a perverted demon (Ghirahm)
The Twilight Realm
KoRL, Trains, and hourglasses
What game?

What is your personality?

Courageous, curious, smart, kind of childish
I'm a wild child!
Annoying as hell
Rude, annoying guy with a stupid
Fuukin hot and brave.
*too tired to care*

What do you usually get in trouble for at school?

Talking back to teachers
Falling asleep in class
Howling like a wolf
Being annoying and talking too much
Acting too childish
I dunno...I get teases a lot, though. :c

Ok, last question: What is your favorite animal

*has already fallen asleep*
Aww, a cute piggy!!
Well, excuuuuse ME, Princess!!