Are you more Cat or Dog?

Are you more Cat or Dog?

Are you a cool canine or a fabulous feline? find out now with this fun quiz!

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When your owner comes home from work how do you react?

You briefly look up from your snooze''meh''...*rolls back over*
You run up to them excitedly, you havent seen them for a whole day and have really missed them!

How are you with new people?

Oh hey new person! *bounds over to greet them*

Its time to go to the vets: What is your reaction to getting put in the dog/cat cage?

You claw and scratch hoping they'll let you go so you can escape!
You run off terrified

Time for walkies!

Huh...exercise? me? no way..i prefer sleeping
yes yes yes! lets go out now!

You're in your cat/dog cage when someone comes over and puts thier hand through the bars to stroke you,what do you do?

scratch them! get off me!
lick their hand :) they might have food!

Its a warm sunny day and you're in the garden,what are you doing?

dozing in a warm patch of sunlight...ahh this is the life
running around chasing the birds,sticking your head into the flowers etc etc

At the beach would you go in the water?

I wont even go on the sand it will ruin my fur! but the water!? thats even worse!
of course, it will be fun!

Do you like to climb?

Yes,the higher the better,away from those silly humans
I prefer to RUN!

Which show is better?

Top Cat
Scooby Doo

Which is your favourite?

Tom, he will catch that stupid mouse one day!
Jerry,he always outsmarts that dumb cat haha

Cats are:

Super smart and classy ;)
Mean :(

Dogs are:

just dumb.
lots of fun!

Time for food, you...

Take your time...theres no point making yourself sick
Gulp it down as fast as you can so you can go back to playing!