How far would you get if you ran for President? (1)

If you ran for president then how far would you get? Could you make it to the White House? Find out here!

published on April 07, 201814 responses 2

What type of debater are you?

Aggressive a lot of the time but
not all of the time.
Always aggressive.
Never looking for a fight.
Never looking for a fight, but I
can attack if I want to.
I try to only talk when I need to,
and NEVER attack!
Help out other candidates that
need help, and compromise.
ALMOST fully aggressive.

Attack adds or a clean campaign?

Attack adds
Clean campaign
In the middle

What degree would you have?


What experience would you have prior?

A senator
A govorner
A representative
State senator
State delegate
Campaign manager of the last winning campaign

How often would you campaign.

Every day.
Every other day.
Every couple of days.
Every week.
Every month.
Every few months.
Every once in a a while, but I
am good at it.
I would campaign only once
during the campaign trail.