Does He Like You? (9)

Does He Like You? (9)

This Is A Quiz That Will Show Whether Your Crush Thinks You're His Friend Or A Little More If You Know What I Mean Ladies ;)

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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

I'm Okay I Guess...
I'm Hot! I Look Like A Model!
I'm Fat, Like Really Fat!
I'd Say I'm A Normal Looking Girl.

How Do You Feel When He's Around?

I Feel Happy, Warm, And Fuzzy Inside!
He Makes Me Feel Nervous.
Like Any Other Friend Would Make Me Feel.
I Don't Really Know...

What Do You Like Most About Your Crush?

They Way He Smiles!
His Eyes!
His Strong Body And His Hansom Face!
I Don't Know I Guess Something!

How Does He Approach You?

"Hey Girl! Sup."
"Oh Hi! What's Up?"
"Nice Body Girl!"
"Where'd You Get Your Shirt The Dump! I'm Just Playing With You!"

What's He Like?

He Always Jokes Around With Me!
He's Protective.
Very Nice And Sweet!
We've Never Really Talked Much...

If You Asked His To Go On A Date How Would You Think He'd Respond? Be Honest!!!

Yes! Of Course!
Maybe Later...
Sure Why Not?
What? No!

How Does He React Coming Close To You?

He Just Comes To Me Like A Normal Person.
He Gets All Shy And Barely Talk.
He Tries To Avoid Me!
We Don't Talk!

How Long Have You Been Crushing On Him?

A Week Now...
A Month Or More.
A Year!
More Than A Year!!!

Do You Think He Likes You?

Duh! Of Course! Who Wouldn't?!
Meh... I Think We're Friend.
He Doesn't Like Me That Much.
He Doesn't Act Knowledge Of My Existence...

Notice Me ____ Fill The Blank.

What Does This Have To Do With The Quiz?!?!?
I Don't Get It...