Which FNaF character are you?

Which FNaF character are you?

Which FNaF character are you? Keep in mid it's only FNaF 1 characters. So Pick between Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, or Golden Freddys

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Lets get this out of the way, what animal do you love?

Bunnies, Duh! They are so adorable!
Simply bears. So facinating!
Ducks and chickens! I love their quack quacks!
Foxes and dogs. I love them! I'm sure everyone else does too.
Deformed animals. I feel so bad for them but they are so cute!

So are two ways, left or right. Which way do you go?

Straight for left!
Silently over to left.
Right, duh! I mean, I'm right handed! (If your left handed don't worry bout the comment)
I don't follow the rules, I run in the middle!
Swiggity Swooty, I'm going for the left!

Ok Final Question (I know it's short) What's your favorite instrument?

Microphone, I like to be the lead singer!
Guitar, I can rock it out!
Mabye a microphone, I don't like to be leading.
Argh, Me only need voice!
I really don't like instruments.

Sike naw, this is the last legitiment question. What's your favorite color?

Yellow, that's bananas!
Purple, go ravens!
Reddish brown, like maroon or something.
Gold FTW
Brown, let's just go with that.

Ok, What's your favorite type of youtube channel?

Indie channels, those that are not that popular.
Popular, Like PewDiePie and stuff like that.
Gaming, Like Lets Play
Vlogs, I like seeing personal things bout ppl
How to's like makeshift items!