Cat quiz part 1, are you a cat?

Cat quiz part 1, are you a cat?

This is the first cat quiz I'm posting, take the others(coming out soon) to find out more about you as a cat, if you get cat in this quiz...

published on February 13, 201715 responses 1

You are a alley cat, a dog is threatening you at the bottom of the fence, it is large, your freind(blaze, opposite gender) is beside you, and you are both afraid, what do you do?

Tell your freind to distract the dog while you attack
Fight the dog
Run away!
Tell the dog to shove off

The dog jumps up and bites your leg, pulling you down, Blaze grabs your paw, but the dog is gaining on you, and your freind can't hold you much longer, what do you do?

Tell your freind to let go, then let the dog tair you apart with tears in your eyes
Use your free paw to slash at the dog's muzzle, that should teach it!
Kick with your other back leg at his muzzle
Slap the dog and yell at it

The dog runs away, whining, but you are hurt, and you have to get back to the alleys before sundown or the pest-control will get them, half-way you clapse, gushing blood, what do you do?

Tell Blaze to go without you, atleast they will be safe
Ask Blaze to carry you, put your pride away for a moment
Continue despite the pain
Lean on Blaze but keep going

You have to cross a road to the alleyways, it is busy, Blaze offers to carry you, what do you do?

Let them carry you
Run as fast as you possibly can to the other side
Wait till it calms down
Try to find a way around it

You get to the alleyways, Blaze finds a nice spot for both of you to sleep, but there are other spots, and your hungry, what do you do?

Accept your freind's offer
Find another spot for you to sleep
Look for food
Exercise your leg

You go to sleep, when you wake, Blaze has caught a rat and offers it to you, what do you do?

Accept the offer
Split it in half and share
Find your own food
Go back to sleep

After finishing the rat, you decide to look for herbs for your leg, you bump into a kittypet, who offers to take you to their home, what do you do?

Go with her, she seems nice
Decline the offer and go about your day
Go with her but just in the garden for herbs

You find the herbs you need with Blaze, and your leg is fine now, you start to head home, but you spot a trash bin full of food, what do you do?

Investigate, it could be good!
Keep moving
Willingly eat it
Sniff but keep going

You are at home, Blaze asks you if you want to be mates, they offer you a shiny golden thing with a jewel on one end, what do you do?

Accept the offer and become his/her mate
Have the 10 hour conversation about how they are just freinds