Does your parents love you or hate you?

Does your parents love you or hate you?

Does your parents act like they hate you? Maybe they love you very much, but don’t know how to express it! Take this quiz to know the truth!

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How often does your parents hug you?

Like, three times a week.
Two times a month.
Everyday, duh!

How do they react when you got a bad grade?

They shout at me.
They say:”It’s okay, honey!
You’ll make it next time!”
And hug you.
They’re a little upset, but
they say:”It’s not a big
I’m grounded for that!
I never get bad grades
because my parents make
me learn very hard.
I never get bad grades
because I love learning new

Do they call you sweetie/honey/baby, etc.?

Obviously, yes!
When they’re not busy.

Do they buy whatever you want?

No, because I ask for too
No, because they ignore
every time when I ask for
Yes, because they love me!
Yes, because they’re ’ rich.
Occasionally, if I ask
something normal.

Do they hit you when they’re upset?

Never! That sounds terrible!
When they’re REALLY upset!
No, but that’s because
they’re to busy.

You ask for 1$(if you’re lower class)/5$(if you’re lower middle class)/10$(if you’re middle class)/30$(if you’re upper middle class)/50$(if you’re upper class), would your parents give you?

They would give me without
They say, we give you love,
not money, that’s right, but
I don’t even have a cent!
No. They ignore me.
They ask why you need it
and then give it to you.

Do you love your parents?

Yes! Very!
Yes, but like friends?!
Not really, they’ horrible.
Nooooo! I hate them!

Can you live without your parents (if you’re a grown-up, imagine that you’re a child)?

Yes, because they give me
food and water...
No, I love them so, so