Which Ninja Turtle are you?

Which Ninja Turtle are you?

Take this interesting quiz to find out if you are Mikey, Donnie, Ralph, or Leo.

published on June 02, 20168 responses 0

When it comes to fun whats the first thing you'd do?

Invent something
beat something up

Who would you date?

A time-traveler
the enemies daughter
a very close friend
no one

Who would be your friend?

Leather Head (A gaint crocidile)
Timothy (a slime with organs)
Spike (a giant turtle who almost killed your brothers)
None of the above

Your grounded! What do you do?

Practice fighting
Sneak out
Watch TV
Invent something

Quick! Grab a snack!

some pepreoni pizza
No Time to eat
A pizza Shake a.k.a. the P shake (no joke)