Which creepypasta are you? (10)

Which creepypasta are you? (10)

Find out in the end to see which one you are. Good luck guys. Everyone can take this.

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Me: Alright. Get over here boys. Time to quiz this person. Come on now. Hurry up.
Jeff: Yeah yeah whatever! We're coming!
Me: Okay geez.
*All are in the room now*
Me: Alright who wants to ask first.
Slender man: I will go. So child, Do you like the woods?
Me: Typical Slendy.
Slender man: Hush up child.

It's awesome. I love it. It's so calming.
Slender man : Awesome.
It's alright. But I rather cook in the kitchen.
Masky and Hoodie: We do too!
It's not really my thing. I rather be inside eating kidneys
E.J. : Cool. Same here.
I don't know. It depends if there are abandoned carnivals.
L.J. : Wow. Just like me.
I love the woods. But I rather be inside annoying people. Mostly Masky.
Ticci Toby: Cool. We can annoy him together.
Masky: Oh great. Just what I need.
Do you get to kill people in it?
Jeff: Yes you do. You are just like me.

Me: Alright. Who is next?
Masky and Hoodie: We want to go next.
Me: Alright go ahead.
Masky: Do you like cheesecake?
Hoodie: You better like it.

It's okay but I don't eat a lot of desserts and other things.
Slender man: Yeah me either.
Yesssss! I love cheesecake!
Masky and Hoodie: *Drooling*
Me: Omg. You guys can drool later.
No. I don't eat stuff like that. I eat kidneys.
E.J. : :)
No I rather eat candy. In fact I want some.
L.J. : Okay here you go. *Hands you your favorite candy*
It's okay. But I rather eat waffles and annoy Masky.
Ticci Toby: Awesome.
No I rather have steak/meat.
Jeff: H*ll yeah!

Me: Alright. Next one. Who's going?
E.J : I'll go. What's your favorite color?

Slender man: Nice choice.
Orange and yellow
Masky and Hoodie: Awesome.
Dark Blue
E.J. : Cool.
Black and white
L.J. : Awesome.
Light blue
Ticci Toby: Sweet.
Blood red
Jeff: Cool.

Me: Alright next one.
L.J. : Okay. I'll go. Do you like clowns?
Me: Good one.

They are okay. But I don't really enjoy them a whole lot.
Slender man: Same.
Meh they are okay. But I want to be in the kitchen cooking.
Masky and Hoodie: Heck yeah!
They are boring. I want to be eating kidneys right now.
E.J. : Awesome.
I love them. I am one.
L.J. : :)
I don't like clowns a lot. But they are still cool.
Ticci Toby: Same.
No. I f*cking hate them. They are not for me.
Jeff: Same.

Me: Okay. Who's next?
Ticci Toby: Me! Me! Me!
Me: Okay. Go ahead.
Ticci Toby: What is your weapon of choice? And Do you like to annoy people?

My weapon is my mind and tentacles. And no. I don't like to annoy people. It's rude.
Slender man: Sweet and same.
Crowbars and guns. And no. I don't annoy people.
Masky and Hoodie: Same.
A scalpel. And no. I don't annoy people.
E.J. Same here.
Candy and hands. And no. I don't annoy people.
L.J. : Same.
Hatchets/Axe. And yes. I love to annoy people. Especially Masky.
Ticci Toby: Awesome and same!
A knife. And no. I don't annoy people all the time but I'll annoy them whenever I feel like it.
Jeff: Cool and same!

Me: Alright Jeff. You're up.
Jeff: Best for last. Am I beautiful?
Me: Typical Jeff.
Jeff: Shut up.

Don't want to be rude or anything but no I don't think you look beautiful.
Slender man: Agreed. And Thanks for being nice.
Eh. You could look better.
Masky and Hoodie: Agreed.
I think you look fine. I'm eyeless so we are both the same kind of.
E.J. : Agreed.
No. You don't look beautiful. I don't like you.
L.J. : Agreed.
You look okay. But not as cool as Masky.
Ticci Toby: Good choice.
Yes. You look amazing!
Jeff: Thank you! Someone gets me. My friend here gets me too!
Me: Mhm.

Me: Alright boys. You can go back to what you were doing. I'll take it from here.
Them: *Leaves the room*
Me: Okay. So who do you want to get?

Slender man
Me: Okay.
Masky and Hoodie
Me: Alright.
Eyeless Jack
Me: Okay.
Laughing Jack
Me: Alright.
Ticci Toby
Me: Okay.
Jeff The Killer
Me: Alright.

Me: Okay. Did you enjoy this?

Yes. I enjoyed it.
Yeah it was nice.
Yeah. It was alright.
Yeah. It was okay.
Yes. It was fun.
It was awesome.

Me: Alright. Cya. Sorry if this was short.

Bye bye. It's okay.
Bye. It's fine.
Cya. It's alright.
Cya. It's okay.
Bye. It's okay.
Bye. Whatever.