Which Warrior Cat Are You? ( She Cats ONLY )

Find out what she cat you are! Including personality, mate, rank and other cool things!

published on December 20, 201442 responses 11 4.4★ / 5

Quick! You're mate is drowning, but so is a kit, and an elder! Who do you save first?

The kit and elder, I wouldn't have a mate, I'm a med cat dude.
I would do nothing. LET THEM DIE! (Evil laugh)
Me: Wow..
The kit, then my mate, then the elder. The kit has its whole life in front of it, the elder has lived many moons.
Mate, kit elder, or mate, elder, kit. I don't care! As long as my mate is safe!

What's your favorite pelt color?


Favorite eye color?


What would your rank be?

Med cat
A warrior (But I'm planning to take over the clan!), rogue, loner
Queen, kit, apprentice, kittypet
Deputy, leader

Do you believe there's a special tom out there for you?

NO! I'm a med cat!
No, I don't have time for a mate. I'm to busy plotting to take over the clan.
Yes! I know he's out there somewhere!
I'm almost positive there's a tom out there for me. I just need to find him.