Who am I? Personality Quiz

are you a peace keeper,rebel,mean girl or just shy find out in this personality quiz!

published on July 07, 201632 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

Which of these people do you relate most to?

Alison Dilaurentis (pretty little
Maya hart (girl meets world)
Riley Matthews (girl meets world)
I don't know
None of the above

If a friend was getting bullied what would you do?

None of my friends would ever get
Find a solution to the problem and
make sure your friend was ok.
Fight the bully.
Do nothing and hope it sorts itself

Would you ever call yourself pretty?

I don't really care about how I look
Ummmm no?
No. Never

Have you ever gotten into trouble in school (serious trouble)

No!!! Never
No one would dare give me up.
Of course.
Never anything serious.

What's the most important thing in your life?

Friends and family

Favourite quote

Your always better off with a really
good lie
In the end we only regret the
chances we didn't take
My thoughts are stars I cannot
fathom into constellations
Eww quotes??

Favourite after school activitie

Don't have one
Hanging out with friends

What's your favourite tv show?

Girl meets world
Pretty little liars
I'd rather read
None of the above

Which one of these is your own personal style.

Black,leather,pants etc.
Cosy,comfy,plain etc.
Loose,flowery,girly etc.
Super chic,expensive,fabulous etc.

If you and your friend liked the same person what would you do?

Tell her to back off
Let her have him and pretend to
be ok but really your dying inside
I'd obviously get him anyway so
I'd do nothing