Which merc are you?

Find out if you're the lovable but deranged Deadpool or the cold efficient Deathstroke.

published on July 07, 20153 responses 0

Your target is escaping out the back window into the alley where you're set up. Plan of attack?

Single sniper round through the head usually does the trick.
Sneak up behind him and offer him a taco, and if he refuses time for a little Slicey Slice!

Quick! One Liner! GO!

*remains silent*
Listen vermin, I went through the trouble of giving you rabies, the least you can do is GET IN THE SHOT GUN!

What is love?

Baby don't hurt me...
An emotion for the weak...

Easy one, which is better?


Pick an outfit.

Black and orange combat armor.
A form fitting, red and black leather suit.

What is your weapon of choice?

Anything as long as it gets the job done.
My katanas...duh.

The hero's finally caught up to you and your time has come, choose a last meal.

Something filling and luxurious, I'm not going out like a nobody.

You're injured on the job and it looks bad, what do you do?

Wait for my super healing to kick in, bonus of not being able to die.
Clear the wound and cauterize it, good enough for me to still get the job done.

You catch an arrow with your right eye, what happens?

I cover it with a eye patch and move on, fighters get scars, comes with the job.
Pop that sucker out and watch the new one grow!

Final question, kids. Thoughts?

Nope, that option left with the weapon X project...
My son Ravager is already in the field, doing his old man proud.