Are you Liv? Or Maddie?

Are you Liv? Or Maddie?

Have you ever been watching Liv and Maddie and thought, who am I more like? Well now your problems are solved with this quiz!

published on March 04, 201624 responses 8
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How would you describe yourself?

Outgoing, sportsy, competitive, adventurous.
Bubbly, musical, daring, in style.

What's a touchdown?

It's that thing where... Where you have the
ball and then... You like... Toss it into the net?
It's when you get all the way down the feild
with the ball in football allowing you to score
7 points.

How do you feel about high heels?

Heels are my baby's! If anyone touches them
their dead!
I prefer sneakers, maybe flats.

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to be in a movie?

I'm not sure I'd really be into acting
If it's a good script and it's near my home
then I'm totally in.

What's your hobby?


What would you do if you were invited to the coolest party of the year but on the same night you had already made plans with your family?

I'd simply just stay home. I already made
plans and I'm gonna stick to them.
I'd find some way to lie to my parents and go
to the party. At least I won't hurt their

If you found a secret admirer note in your locker what would you do?

Stop at nothing until I figure out who it is
I'd just wait until their man enough to tell me
to my face, I get enough secret admirer notes

If you were a dog what type of dog would you be?

Probably a smaller dog, like a Pomeranian or
a shitzue.
A medium or big size dog, like a golden
retriever or a Great Dane.

What would you do if you saw a really cute guy?

Flirt, duh!
I wouldn't do anything, I don't even know

What's your catch phrase?

BAM WHAT!!???!!
Sing it loud!

How do you wear your hair?

Up in a ponytail or just down
Perfectly curled

What would you wear?

A cute floral dress with some vintage boots
Skinny jeans with a sweater over a tank top
and Vans