What ALdc dancer are you?

What ALdc dancer are you?

Find out what ALdc dancer you are most like! Take this quiz and find out😀 enjoy! Note: I'm not showing hate on the show I'm just doing a fun quiz! I love dance moms😘❤️

published on June 15, 201513 responses 1 3.0★ / 5

What is your reaction to getting a solo/duet/trio?

(Big smile) Thanks! I love doing them and I hope that I can win this thing!
Awesome! I did great last time and it's finally paying off! I'm so exited😀
(Small grin) cool, but it's sorta average now but I love doing solos and I know I can
beat everyone and win that competition.

What is your reaction to forgetting a solo on stage?

Stop and run off stage,crying and having a meltdown.
Stand there looking blank for 30 seconds then makeup the rest of your routine.
Stand there and at the end pose and walk off stage and immediately run to one of your
friends or your mother.

What do you decide to do when you're not dancing?

Stay at home, relax, maybe take a swim or watch a few episodes of your favorite tv
Decide to stay at the studio and practice and rehearse dances.
Go shopping with some friends.

Any other hobbies besides dance?

Go do some karate! Maybe be a swimmer 🏊🏾
Try softball for a while.

How would you feel if you were constantly being compared to someone?

I feel like we're 2 different people so we shouldn't be compared to each other.
it's always all about her and no one else.

What is your mom like?

Loud,Open to other people's opinion or in any way sneaky.
Very educated and above others.
Very hungry for new challenges.