Would You Do Cross-Country or Swimming at my High School?

Would You Do Cross-Country or Swimming at my High School?

It's pretty much all in the title. No cheating, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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What sport do you like better?


The Hunger Games or Divergent?

The Hunger Games or Divergent?
The Hunger Games

Pick a high school class.


What is one word to describe you?


Would you want a male or female coach?


Religion: Christian or Satanist?

Christian :)

Let's say you're an upperclassman. Do you like freshmen?

Ew! NO! Especially if they're faster than me! They just make me so mad, I sometimes want to beat the crap
out of those idiots!
Yes! I love everyone! I don't care if you're annoying, weird, crazy, or just plain stupid, I will love you and treat
you with kindness and respect.

What do you do when someone's annoying you?

Nobody annoys me! I already told you, I love everyone! Even if you were annoying me, I'd smile and be your
friend anyway.
I would cuss them out and tell them they act like a five-year-old.

Angel or devil? (this actually has more to do with this quiz than you think!!!!)

Angel! Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day. Some day, whenever I physically
die, my soul will go to Heaven with Him for the rest of eternity! :)
Devil! I am the spawn of Satan!! Mwahahahahahaha! (me: You're scaring me right now)

Pick a song by Cascada (if you don't know Cascada just look them up!) :)

"Bad Boy"
"He's All That"
"Au Revoir"

In Divergent, do you like Abnegation or Erudite better?


Well, that's all folks! Toodles! :)

Bye, hun! Have an awesome day!